Sawdust Briquettes – squared RUF
(155 x 90 x 67 mm)
Suitable for all kinds of stove for solid fuel as well as for grill and smoking meat. Made without any chemical ingredients or bark from pure sawdust and splinters under high compression. Only minimal amount of ashes is left.
Heat content: 17.5 – 19.5 MJ/kg

Pallet from 5 280 CZK


Pellets PREMIUM ENplus A1
(diameter 6 mm)
Made from spruce sawdust.
Ash content: max. 0.3 %, water 6 %
Heat content: 17.5 – 20 MJ/kg

Package: bag 15 kg (99 CZK),
pallet 825 kg (5 500 CZK)


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Less than 1 tonne of material can be supplied on demand,
more than 1 tonne should be ordered in advance.